About LMZ

From a tube of toothpaste to five business sectors, generations of LMZ people have developed LMZ into a comprehensive listed company engaging in the sunrise industry of “big consumption and big health”, with five business sectors including major daily chemicals, household paper, sweetener, medicine and real estate development, after more than 30 years of hard work, and continuous inheritance, development and innovation.

Liuzhou LMZ Co., Ltd.

The company originates from 5 small private soap factories including Asian Soap Factory, which was established in 1941; in 1956, “Liuzhou Soap Factory” was formed as a public-private joint venture”; in 1963, the soap factory was renamed as “Liuzhou Daily Chemicals Factory”; in 1978, its toothpaste workshop was separated out to become an independent entity called “Liuzhou Toothpaste Factory”; in 1980, a new factory was built; in 1994, it was restructured as a joint-stock company; in 2004, it went public on Shanghai Stock Exchange, and became the first listed company in the industry. The company is headquartered in Liuzhou, a beautiful industrial city in Guangxi.

The company now has five business sectors including major daily chemicals, household paper, sweetener, medicine and real estate. Its main products include oral care products, washing and skin care products, household paper, sanitary paper products, drugs, pulping and papermaking products, hotel products and fine chemical products. Its products are sold in various Chinese provinces, autonomous regions, direct-controlled municipalities and Hong Kong and Macau SAR, as well as countries in North America, Western Europe, South Asia and Africa. Furthermore, the company also engages in certain capital operations.

The company has an annual production capacity of 2 billion tubes of toothpaste, 150 million pieces of soap, 1.5 billion tablets (capsules), 170,000 tons of bamboo pulp paper, 500 million women’s sanitary towels, and 1,500 tons of sucralose, and its production processes take the lead in the world or in the industry.

The company’s leading product “LMZ Herbal Toothpaste” is a China Top Brand product, and the first herbal toothpaste in the industry with clinical data proving its efficacy in reducing gum bleeding. It has ranked first in terms of production and sales volume among similar Chinese products for more than 20 consecutive years, and has been recognized as a “Model Product of National Quality Standard” and “Product with National User Satisfaction”. The “LMZ” trademark is a Chinese Famous Trademark, and rated as one of the “Top 10 Most Popular National Brands in China”.

The company is a vice chairman unit of the China Association of Oral Cleaning and Care Product Industry, and a leader in drafting the industrial standards for herbal toothpaste. With an autonomous-region-level enterprise technical center, post-doctoral research workstation and LMZ GAP planting production base, it is the first company in the industry to pass the ISO9001 international quality system certification and the first national high-tech enterprise permitted to establish a post-doctoral research workstation. The company has received the National May Day Labor Award twice.

The company is dedicated to becoming China’s largest manufacturer and seller of personal and home care products derived from green plants, and providing natural, healthy and safe plant-based products and services to continuously improve the quality of people’s life.