New LMZ website officially launched

Year 2016 is just around the corner, and the company’s new official website ( went live a few days ago. As a national enterprise with a history of over thirty years, LMZ is dedicated to brand upgrade while pursuing product innovation, marketing innovation and system innovation, so as to stimulate corporate energy and earn popularity among consumers. In contrast to the traditional and dull style of the original website, the new website is more up-to-date, and focuses more on interaction with consumers. The dynamic module display and rotating images bring life to the website; the green dominant tone [...]

LMZ received Liuzhou stable job opportunity subsidy

Recently, the company has received the Liuzhou stable job subsidy in the amount of over 530,000 yuan. In order to further promote and encourage stable jobs in enterprises, Liuzhou City issued the Notice Regarding Relevant Matters on Further Improving Unemployment Insurance and Supporting Stable Jobs in Enterprises (L.R.S.F. (2015) No. 88), and issued stable job subsidy to eligible enterprises.   In November, the Human Resources Department analyzed the personnel joining and leaving the company in 2014 (the company’s staff team was stable overall in 2014 due to the good development of main business), and compiled and submitted relevant materials [...]

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