Year 2016 is just around the corner, and the company’s new official website ( went live a few days ago.

As a national enterprise with a history of over thirty years, LMZ is dedicated to brand upgrade while pursuing product innovation, marketing innovation and system innovation, so as to stimulate corporate energy and earn popularity among consumers. In contrast to the traditional and dull style of the original website, the new website is more up-to-date, and focuses more on interaction with consumers. The dynamic module display and rotating images bring life to the website; the green dominant tone with a touch of bright orange-yellow makes the website modern and stylish overall, while the design is simple but not plain; a LMZ museum is added to highlight the high-tech production capability of LMZ with dynamic images; an interaction and communication section is added, so that the website function is upgraded from the original one-way display to interactive communication, which is more in line with the consumption trend.

Four sections fully showing the features of the brand

Different from the vertical rolling browse of ordinary websites, the new LMZ website is displayed in a horizontal output way, which brings a brand new experience to users. The homepage of the website contains five rotating promotional images, which immediately convey LMZ’s core brand values of “inheritance, health and fashion” to the viewer, and shows the “big consumption and big health” industry ecosphere. Under the homepage, there are four sections, i.e. Company, Museums, Products and Interaction, which present LMZ’s brand, products and corporate culture to the viewer in a multi-dimensional way from the company to products, from history to innovation, from display to interaction. The most special “Museums” section describes in detail the development history, brand honors, TCM culture and production technology of LMZ. The “TCM Culture Museum” describes how LMZ inherits and carries forwards traditional Chinese medicine, and in particular, shows the pain-relieving principle of TCM, and various TCM formulas and their efficacy; the “Production Technology Museum” demonstrates the production process of LMZ toothpaste from material selection, formula preparation to production in an animated way, allowing people to get a better understanding of how the high-quality LMZ products are manufactured.

Adding purchase links for more convenient one-key ordering

The new LMZ website is not only upgraded and improved in terms of appearance and contents. What is most important is that product purchase links and promotional and discount information are added to the website, which is one of LMZ’s key measures to expand the online selling channels.  Currently, LMZ has self-operated channels on various shopping websites such as T-mall,, and Adding direct links in the official website is intended to allow consumers to make online purchase directly on the official website, and also to clarify the official selling channels of LMZ, so that consumers need not worry about buying counterfeit products and can rest assured about online selling channels.

The upgrade of the official website is an important link in the strategic planning of the LMZ brand. Since 2013, LMZ’s Daily Chemicals Department has carried out a series of product and advertising upgrade, including cooperation with GIMC, the largest integrated marketing group in China, and signing a contract with Best TV Actor Zhang Jiayi who became LMZ’s product and brand spokesman. The launch of the new website signifies the end of the old LMZ image, and the start of a new phase in Lianmianzhen’s brand strategy. LMZ’s new core brand values of “inheritance, health, and fashion” are becoming the mission of LMZ. So how is the newly launched official website? No need to say more. Just visit the website ( to take a look!