The company took part in the first National Culture Experience Festival

On April 21 (March 3 in the lunar calendar), the opening ceremony of Liuzhou’s first National Culture Experience Festival entitled “Beautiful Liuzhou, Ecological Villages” was held on the bank of Rongjiang River, Tangjin Village, Duihe Village, Fengshan Town, Liucheng County. A team led by Lei Xun, vice chairman of the company’s trade union, participated in the event.

In the national art performance section, the folk dance “Jasmine Fragrance” led by Chen Jing and Yang Liu, who are members of the company’s art group, stood out from the great many original ecological performances, and received great feedbacks from the audience.   As a Model Unit of National Unity and Progress and a civilian trade and product company, the company also donated 40,000 yuan for purchasing building materials to build the national cultural experience area, and for product and brand promotion at the site of the event.

This event consisted of folk activities such as Lusheng dance performance, bamboo floating and folk song singing, as well as a board shoes experience activity, attracting the participation of nearly 10,000 people.